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FlatGradings - User Avatar
Klassik Landmark

I'm satisfied and proud to say that have witnessed builders, co-owners and tenants live harmonious life in oneness, enjoying the state of the art amenities like more of open space, lush green lawns, centrally placed swimming pool, and many more facilities which gives a good ambiance to live enjoyabl...
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FlatGradings - User Avatar
Sekhar Hyde Park

I Recently visited Sekhar Hyde Park. Executives are very nice, they explained thoroughly in detailed.We visited across all the projects surrounding also, very truly this is the only project we liked it. Very soon we are planning to buy this through Bank loan. The construction is very nice....
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FlatGradings - User Avatar
Sekhar Ridge

They provide amazing interiors, quality services; they give customer satisfaction with their services....
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FlatGradings - User Avatar
Sekhar Hyde Park

One of the best and most reliable builders in Bangalore is sekhar hyde park only, offering high quality residential projects at prime locations with the best amenities, led by a visionary Management team....
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FlatGradings - User Avatar
VDB Celadon

Best place to stay. Conveniently located apartment complex. Serene place, less crowded, Amazing weather,great living place which is very safe...
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FlatGradings - User Avatar
VDB Celadon

Good place to stay. This is one of very few places that have ample open spaces. Cool ambience,lush greenery,nice people around....
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