Reviews API

Why Add FlatGradings Reviews to Your Site?

Consumers increasingly make decisions on what product or service to use after reading reviews online, and buying/renting an apartment is no different. The FlatGradings reviews are designed to help customers make an informed decision in choosing an apartment or builder as per their needs. Our reviews are the experiences of people which they had with particular apartment or a builder. Thousands of consumers have posted reviews on FlatGradings. Now FlatGradings is making those available on partner sites via our Reviews API.

Who can use FlatGradings Review Widget ?

Any real estate broker or builders or prmoters with listings can use FlatGradings review widget to help customer make informed decision.

How to Implement

1. Add a DIV element of type mentioned below in every page you like to display the Review widget:

<div id="fg-apartment-review" data-apartment-name="[Apartment-Name]" data-apartment-latitude="[Latitude]" data-apartment-longitude="[Longitude]" data-primaryColor=[Color in hexacode]></div>

2. Paste this SDK into every page you want to display Review widget. Make sure to place this before the </body> tag:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" defer></script>

The Parameters of the Reviews API are:

Parameter Description Required
id The FlatGradings Web Service Identifier. Yes
data-apartment-name Apartment Name for which you need Reviews. Yes
data-apartment-latitude Latitude co-ordinates for Apartment. Yes
data-apartment-longitude Longitude co-ordinates for Apartment. Yes
data-primaryColor Color scheme for Review Widget in Hexacode. Yes
data-height Height of Review Widget. No
*If data-primaryColor not mentioned it will default to ed8323
*We advise against using data-height because it will distort the page responsiveness

Sample Code:

<div id="fg-apartment-review" data-apartment-name="Prestige Shantiniketan" data-apartment-latitude="12.994072" data-apartment-longitude="77.728905" data-primaryColor=4c69ba></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src="" defer></script>

Sample Implementation:

FlatGradings - Sample Reviews API

The above representaion is for DEMO purpose. We are not associated with commonfloor in any way.

**The code is safe and loads asynchronously, so it will not slow down your website.