Terms of Use

By using the API you agree to the following terms:

  • You agree that you will provide the FlatGradings Data to users "as is". You will not alter the details provided - specifically, you will not change or misrepresent the reviews of any Apartment.

  • We permit third parties to retrieve data from our site only through the API. Any reverse engineering, spiders, or other techniques used to directly pull data without using the FlatGradings API is a violation of our Terms of Use.

  • You will not cache the reviews more than 24 hours. Since customers keep adding new reviews it is inherent to keep them fresh.

  • You will state that the data originated with FlatGradings, and provide a link to our homepage (http://www.flatgradings.com).

  • You will not scrape the reviews and show it on your portal.

  • You may not retain any copies of the FlatGradings Data. Your license to FlatGradings Data is limited to making direct server calls to the FlatGradings API for the FlatGradings Data and distributing the FlatGradings Data to your end user(s) on your Site(s), immediately upon receipt by your servers.

  • We may in the future require registration to use the API.

  • FlatGradings reserves the right to change the API Terms of Use, and you are responsible for regularly reviewing these API Terms of Use. Your continued use of the FlatGradings API and/or FlatGradings Data after the effective date of such changes will constitute acceptance of and agreement to any such changes. FlatGradings may suspend or discontinue the Services at any time to you and/or to others, without notice.

  • FlatGradings may change, suspend or discontinue the FlatGradings API and suspend or terminate your use of the FlatGradings API, FlatGradings Data, and/or FlatGradings Brand & Links at any time for any reason, without notice. You may also terminate by ceasing to use the FlatGradings API, FlatGradings Data, and FlatGradings Brand & Links, removing implementation of the FlatGradings API from your Site(s), and deleting all copies of the FlatGradings Data and FlatGradings Brand & Links.

Please contact us at info@flatgradings.com if you would like to use the data in a way that conflicts with the above. We're flexible. Hopefully, we can come to an arrangement.